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WPC Frame

ELEVAR WPC Door Frame like wood, being lifelong durables, has high screw holding capacity and all hard-ware fittings can be tighten by screw. WPC solid door frame is especially useful for sanitary. WPC door frame can be fit by hold fast during brick work and also fit by screw/anchor bolt after completion of wall plaster

 Features          Availability 

High Screw Holding Capacity

It is generally structured with solid extrusion and in more than 955 kg/Cubic meter density

We provide below sizes in ELEVAR Door Frames It is available in standard ready to fix in sizes of 

101% Termite & Borer Proof

101% Water Proof

Fire Resistance

Eco Friendly

Any Polish or Paint Can be Done

Moisture Free & Shrinkage Free

Easy to install


 Single Rebates         Double Rebates 
3 x 2 5 x 2.5
4 x 2 6 x 2.5
4 x 2.5  
5 x 2.5